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Simply put net metering is a system of billing that enables those that use solar power systems to generate their electricity, to feed any excess electricity produced back to the utility grid. For example – if a homeowner has net metering, the electricity meter of the home will move backwards, providing credit to the user against the surplus electricity produced and sent back to the grid. Customers are billed only for the ‘net’ usage of electricity, and earn credit for the excess electricity produced. This in turn lowers the user’s electricity bill each month, while the ‘exported’ electricity helps to service the power needs of other users.

Every customer using electricity has an electric meter, and receive a bill depending on the utility company’s cost per unit of electricity. These charges include fuel costs to generate electricity, the cost of transport and distribution of electricity to the customer. In addition, the costs also include the maintenance of the grid, improvements to the environment, other public benefits, and energy efficiency. The meter records energy used in kilowatt-hours (KwH) and spins forward to count the number of units consumed by each user.

Users that install solar power systems that are connected to the grid, can enjoy the benefits of net metering. Net-metered systems actually spin the meter backwards to provide credit against the electricity sent back to the grid. This means that not only do the users not pay for the utility supplied electricity, they also do not pay for the fixed / standard costs that the utility companies charge to deliver power, as mentioned above. This amounts to a substantial saving in the electricity bills each month, while ensuring that the user has a steady and reliable power supply all year round.

As the demand for renewable and clean energy grows, Start Solar will be there to provide solar panels, which are easily extendable, to every consumer at the most cost effective prices complemented by excellent customer service. Our team of experts will also help users with net metering to ensure that each user gets the maximum benefit from the system they install, and save a substantial amount each month.

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