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The aim is to ‘arrest’ the energy from the sun and use it to power your homes and establishments – thereby reducing the dependence on grid supplied electricity and keeping you ‘immune’ to power price surges. Site evaluation becomes extremely critical to help us place the solar panels on your home’s rooftop such that it captures the maximum sunlight and produces more than sufficient power. If you would like to ‘go solar’, the first step would be a site evaluation to help you make an informed decision on the kind of system your home would need. Our evaluation is free and does not bind you in any way to buy, but will afford you with an opportunity to understand the potential of power generation through sunlight and the system that would be best suited for your home’s location. Our experts would also be able to answer all your questions regarding solar power (costs, benefits, savings, generating capacity, government schemes, and other such queries).

What happens during a Site Evaluation?

Our experts will help you with understanding a number of aspects with regard to solar power when they visit your home / establishment.

  • Our qualified solar power team will visit your home to assess the various factors that would determine what the optimum size of your system should be. This would be based on the current usage of power in your home, and whether you would want to get a system that would be connected to the grid.
  • Grid connected systems send back excess power generated from the home solar system, which helps to reduce your electricity bills in any given month.
  • The experts would check the size and orientation of the roof since these two aspects determine the design and number of panels in an array. Depending on the location of your home and the tilt of the roof, they would advise on the placement and orientation of the panels.
  • The other factor that would be checked during a site evaluation is the amount of space available on the roof with the right orientation and which receives unobstructed sunlight. The solar panels must have the best orientation towards the sun in order to capture the maximum amount of sunlight, such that the optimum amount of power is generated all year round. Roofs that may be too flat would require additional equipment that would help to install the panels higher and at the right angle in order to catch the maximum amount of sun’s rays.
  • The team would also need to assess the location of your home. The part of the roof that should get sunlight could be obstructed by large trees and or nearby homes and building, casting shade on the system for long periods during the day. This would prevent the solar panels from performing at their optimum. The team would assess the best method to work around these ‘obstructions’ such that you get the maximum benefit from the solar panel that you decide to install. If the location does not work well for a solar panel system, our team of experts will let you know such that you do not waste your investment.
  • Another important aspect that would be considered during a site evaluation would be the strength and structural integrity of the roof on which the system is to be installed. The roof must be in good condition and should not require repairs or renovation in the near future that would mean removal of the panels and mounting systems. In addition, the roof should also be strong enough to bear the added weight of the panels.
  • The site evaluation is also important for the team to understand the best design to ensure that the wiring is routed efficiently and does not obstruct in any way. In addition, the inverter for the system must be placed as close to the panels as possible. Given that there are many different types of systems, the team would need to make a thorough evaluation to ensure that they provide you with the best possible solutions, which would allow you to make an informed decision and choose the one best suited to your needs and budget.
  • During the site evaluation, the team would also speak to you regarding – the average usage of power in your home, the times during the day where the power demand would be at its peak, and what system size would offset the entire electricity cost all year round (and maybe even generate excess to sell back to the utility grid for the on-grid system). For off-grid systems, the team would help to decide the optimum storage capacity in order to ensure that the excess power is stored for use during times of inclement weather, when the sunlight is inadequate and the system is unable to produce as much power as would be required.

Post our thorough site evaluation, you would have a much better idea of the kind of system your home would need, the power generation potential, the amount of investment required for the most suitable system, and the options available to finance your home’s solar power system. We at Start Solar India are committed to helping everyone receive an uninterrupted supply of power at the most reasonable rates by harnessing the power of solar energy and making it easily available.

Please connect with us – give us a call on the number provided or fill in the request form for a site survey and you will receive a quick reply from a company representative.