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With changes in climatic conditions and the rise in global population, the strain on the earth’s natural resources has increased manifold. This has resulted in the decline of non-renewable resources. This in turn means that we should concentrate our efforts towards renewable sources like wind, hydropower and solar energy. The most effective and easily available of these is solar energy – the energy from the sun that is consistent and steady. The most important advantage of this type of renewable energy is that both homes and business establishments can use it and the system can be set up more easily than wind or hydropower systems. Solar energy benefits the environment too and has thus become the most widely used source of energy.

It is encouraging, therefore, to learn that the government is striding forward towards optimizing this energy source. The UP New and Renewal Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA) is in top gear to install grid-tied solar plants on government and private buildings. The cost of the first project is around Rs.49 lakhs and the 70KW rooftop plant is set to be installed on Vikas Bhawan, which will be followed by a 30KW rooftop plant costing Rs.27 lakhs on the Collectorate building. It is envisaged that both projects should end by the middle of the month of May this year.

In addition, the UPNEDA has sent proposals to a number of private, industrial, and educational institutions to have them install grid-connected solar power plants. This is a heartening shift in perception and mind-set and adds to the Chattisgarh government’s decision to make solar power installation mandatory for all government buildings. This came into effect on January 1 this year (2016).

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