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With the frenzied rise in prices of power, made worse by the erratic supply, solar power is now getting a lot of attention, garnering interest in all sectors, and getting unprecedented support from the government. If you too have decided to become a solar power advocate and supporter, you have made a great decision. We at Start Solar endeavour to become your preferred energy partner since you, our customers, are foremost. We believe in ourselves, practice the highest level of customer service, and consistently endeavour to forge long-term connections with our customers. Our aim is becoming the most reliable service provider by helping you to save money and enjoy uninterrupted power supply all through the year.

We will make it easy for you to make your ‘solar’ decision a reality. Here is how:

      • Please connect with us for a free and unencumbered consultation and quote. Give us a call on the number provided or fill in the inquiry form and you will receive a quick reply from a company representative. The experts will provide you with complete details after assessing whether your home is suited for a solar system installation
      • Our experts will assess whether the building / home’s roof is large enough and gets enough sunlight to support a solar system. Each solar panel requires about 15sqft of surface area and our team will help you to decide how many such panels would be required to ‘power’ your home. Additionally, the tilt of the roof should be inclined towards area that would get direct sunlight and be free from shading
      • Our team would also be able to let you know whether your home requires any special approvals to install the system, and the government incentives available for the region. We will help with approvals and the paperwork required
      • Our experts will ensure that you have all the information you need. Some important points to consider would be whether your home should have a grid-connected or off-grid system. In addition, they will also confirm whether net metering is available in the region you reside at – this means that the utility company would buy back any additional power generated by the solar system installed.

We at Start Solar understand that the whole process can seem daunting but we will ensure that you remain at ease, because we will handle everything. Once we have successfully installed the system, all you would need to do is sit back, enjoy an uninterrupted supply of electricity, and watch your power bills become smaller. We are sure that you would have questions and apprehensions – please connect with us and we will answer all your questions accurately, honestly, and speedily. Are you ready to take your first step to becoming a solar advocate and supporter?