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Lucknow plays host to the third edition of the North India Solar Summit. The summit kicked off on 11 March 2016. The growth of the Solar Sector is not restricted to India alone – the world over seems to be sitting up and taking notice. The event is the result of efforts by the Indian Industries Association (IIA) and the highlight is on emerging business and trade opportunities in the realm of renewable and solar energy in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The 50 companies attending the summit are expected to discuss the untapped potential of both the domestic and commercial sectors for this energy form. The companies attending are a mix of distributors, advisory groups, suppliers of equipment, support agencies and government departments and agencies.

With the support of the government in Uttar Pradesh and policy around solar energy and rooftop solar power plants, the use of renewable energy will receive a boost and will help to tide over the rise in demand for electricity. In addition, this policy supports and encourages green energy resources. The growing competitiveness of solar power would have an impact on the local prices of coal.

Changing technology is further expected to bring down the cost of the equipment required for solar panels, which in turn will reduce the cost of generating power through solar energy. People are becoming increasingly aware of the negative effects of global warming and the dependency on fossil fuel is rapidly on the decline.

As the demand for renewable and clean energy grows, Start Solar will be there to provide solar panels, which are easily extendable, to every consumer at the most cost effective prices complemented by excellent customer service.

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