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Yes – it is true, installing solar power systems in your home can save you money each month. How much you can save each month depends on a number of factors such as the location of your home, the tilt of the roof, the amount of electricity your home consumes, the number of panels and size of the solar panel installed and several other factors. Every house and location differs and the most convenient and reliable method of determining your exact savings would be to get in touch with our experts for an inspection and quote. We work with reliable manufacturers and installers, who have a proven record of accomplishment and years of experience in this area.

With diminishing non-renewable sources of energy used to produce electricity, the prices of electricity are set to rise. The government too is increasingly recognizing the necessity to invest in renewable energy resources, such as solar power. The endeavour and support of the government and increasing awareness about renewable energy sources have significantly reduced the price of solar panels. From an environmental perspective too, solar power is a great idea. It is the cleanest and greenest forms of energy since there are no harmful emissions. People are usually reluctant to go ahead with installing solar panels since it is wrongly believed that it will cost too much to install a solar energy system. However, the biggest advantage of installing a solar panel is that the power behind it is the sun – and the sunlight is free! In addition, solar panels produce enough power to run your home, meaning that you pay utility companies nothing for electricity and the cost of energy never rises for the users. With the high durability and long life of solar panels – they last over 25 years – and little or no maintenance, the initial cost of these panels would pay for themselves within a few years.

Please connect with us – give us a call on the number provided or fill in the inquiry form and you will receive a quick reply from a company representative. Our mission at Start Solar is to ensure that solar energy becomes an affordable source even for the masses by tightly managing our own costs so that the savings pass on to you – our valued customers.