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The first Solar Powered train was announced on Friday 13 May 2016. The Indian Railways’ PRO announced that this is part of the plan to harness and optimize solar energy to run trains. The trial run for this train would be conducted at the end of the month – the success of this train would mean the reduction of diesel by up to 90,000 litres per year and CO2 emission by over 200 tonnes. The entire train will be fitted with solar panels before the trial run.

The route of this train would be decided to post the trial run, but it is confirmed that it would run as a passenger train. While the power for the movement of the train would still be based on diesel-run engines, the solar panels will ‘power’ the lights, fans, and Air-conditioners for all the coaches. This initiative by the Railways is part of its focus to using alternative sources of fuel to power their trains and trials for CNG, Natural Gas, Bio-diesel, and others are already underway.

With the increasing demand on conventional sources of electricity, this comes as a welcome move, which will not only bring down the consumption of diesel but would also be a highly cost effective method to run the Asia’s largest railway network and the fourth largest network in the world.

Initiative taken by the government in recent times has motivated us to help India in becoming Solar Powered Nation creating healthy surroundings.

Come lets join hands towards brighter future.